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Laptop For Fiji

UPDATE 1 February 2016

Chris rung to say Lucil has completed her 1st year at Medical School, passing all of her papers with distinction.

Well done Lucil, keep up the hard work - we enjoy hearing about your journey.

February 2015:  Recently we upgraded our operating system and shifted from having Laptops in each van to having IPads. Rob who seems to be constantly looking out for ways and means to recycle and help out others spotted an opportunity which we are incredibly proud to have supported.

We donated a laptop to Lucil, a Fijian girl with dreams of becoming a doctor. Lucil lives with her Mum, Dad, 3 x Brothers and a Sister in a small village called Navita near Savusavu in the Northern Island of Fiji. For most children in Fiji dreams of becoming a doctor remain just dreams as the cost of Medical School is far out of the reach of a typical Fijian family.

But for Lucil those dreams are much closer to becoming a reality thanks largely to the good work of a top Kiwi bloke called Chris Morgan. Chris absolutely loves Fiji and its wonderful people. And back in 2012 while on holiday Chris struck up a friendship with Lucil's family.

Anyhow you can read Chris' thank you note below to find out the rest of Lucil's beautiful story.

Laptop for Lucil

Hi Adam

I just want to thank you for the Netbook that you donated to the girl in Fiji.

It will be ideal for her needs.

Her name is Lucil and she comes from a small village called Navita near Savusavu in the northern island of Fiji. She has wanted to be a doctor from childhood but when I last went in 2012 they thought she could not go to Med School because of the cost. The villagers are pretty poor. I encouraged them to let her apply with the idea that we could raise some sponsorship.

This summer she got in and her father let me know. All her fees are paid for by a student loan while she must raise money for her board and books, as well as get a laptop. In Fiji they would be over $ 1000 Fijian. We are raising sponsorship and her first semester board is paid for.

I attach a photo of the family taken in 2012, the white man on the left is me and Lucil is on the far right. Once again many thanks

Kind regards

Chris Morgan

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