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Goldair Bathroom Fan Heater - Recall

Two models of bathroom heater prohibited

[image] Two models of bathroom heater prohibited.

EnergySafety has prohibited the use and sale of two models of Goldair branded wallmounted bathroom fan heaters because they have caused a number of fires.

The twoheaters affected by the prohibition have the model numbers 3108 or 3109 on theback and match these images shown. These heaters are likely to have beeninstalled three or more years ago. This prohibition does not affect any otherGoldair Bathroom Heaters, so please expressly check your heater first (to theimages shown).

Consumersshould immediately cease to use the heater.

Theimporter of these heaters is no longer trading. However, as a goodwill gesture,the current NZ importer and distributor of Goldair is offering free replacementheaters to consumers with affected heaters. The removal and installation of theheaters is at the consumers cost.

Consumersmust use a licenced electrical worker to remove the unit. To take up thereplacement offer, the electrician will need to cut off the power cord for youto return it along with the rating label (shown) to Goldair. The heater shouldthen be destroyed. It must not be reused or resold.

Send thepower cord and rating label (shown) to Goldair with return name and addressdetails and a new model Goldair bathroom heater will be sent back.

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