Electrician: Ph 04 385 3410



It was really only a matter of time before this happened here in NZ as well.

9/8/17: WARNING: Cheapest is not always best

Energy Safety has issued a warning about non-compliant and unsafe TPS cable being supplied/sold, and in some cases, installed in New Zealand.

Master Electricians urges members to be extremely vigilant regarding this significant safety risk. This demonstrates very clearly that the best way to safeguard your customers and your business from potentially non-compliant product is to only purchase from a reputable electrical wholesaler.

Energy Safety – part of WorkSafe New Zealand - has had independent testing carried out on the TPS cable 2 core and PE. Results have shown it to be significantly non-compliant, including cable insulation which will become brittle and fracture within a few years of installation.

Energy Safety has advised that this non-compliant/unsafe product:
• is marked “EESS 150102-0” and is known to come in a white or yellow coloured sheathing
• is known to have been imported and sold by Lyon Electric Ltd and may also have been sold/supplied by Generation Cables Ltd, a company associated with Lyon Electric
• is known to have been imported in 2.5 mm2 and 1.5 mm2 sizes
• may also have been imported by other New Zealand companies, as it appeared to have valid supporting compliance documentation.

Energy Safety has warned there is both a significant electric shock and fire risk for any property in which this cable is installed. All electrical workers are asked to look out for any of this cable they may come across in the course of their work, including on construction sites. The cable must not be installed and should be reported to Energy Safety.

Members will be aware of the issue of faulty Infinity cable, carrying a brittle/cracking risk, which was installed in NSW homes in Australia in 2010. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned this year that, in some circumstances, suppliers, installers and property owners may be liable to pay compensation for injury or property damage caused by Infinity cable installed in buildings.


Energy Safety has advised that the known supplier of the TPS cable being supplied/sold in New Zealand has now gone into receivership. Therefore, any claims for costs and losses associated with that supplier are unlikely to be successful.

Energy Safety is in the process of drafting a formal notice of prohibition under Regulation 87 covering the importation, distribution, installation and the possibly use of this cable.

Energy Safety can be contacted on 0800 030 040.

A national recall of faulty electrical cabling has only captured 54 per cent of the total 4313 km that was installed.

70,000 Jobs Done and Dusted

3/8/17: That's 5000 jobs completed in the past 12 months

Cassandra Palmer All in a days work ;-)

Chrissy Whetu George well done xx

Carmel Bird Wooooh whooooo👍🎉

Rita Waru Way to go...

Boogy Horton Wow, next level bro, that's next level! Killing it! #thatsahellofalotofphonecalls

Liz Parsons Must be time to kick back!!!

Bennett Horton That's unreal

Well Done Levi

31/7/17: Congratulations Levi, on passing your Electrical Theory exam.

Just the Regs exam left to pass at the end of this year and you are good to go.

Keep your head in the books matey and you'll ace Regs too!

Congratulations Aidan and Rawiri

17/7/17: Well done Aidan on completing your exams, 82% is a good pass mark, you should be proud.

Just a few more sign offs in your Workplace Log Book over the next couple of months and you'll be ready to apply for Registration.

And congratulations to Widz on completing your apprenticeship and becoming a Registered Electrician.

We stand in awww of your awesomeness as a Appliance Tech and we all look forward to watching you grow as an Electrician over the next few years, as we lengthen the rope and you take control of bigger jobs and sites.

Got To Love A Good Storm!

23/7/17: 2 of the 8 callouts we attended yesterday.

A burnt out switchboard in Karori where rain has entered the overhead mains cable at the top of the pole and then run down through the cable and with capillary action it has squirted water into the back of the RCD deivce at the centre of the switchboard. This has shorted out and set fire to the switchboard.

And a house in Miramar with 1/2 its roof blown off. We were called in to make safe the electrics as water was pouring out of the light fittings downstairs.

Phone is ringing hot this morning as well, busy times ahead!

Bush Telegraph Editorial

27/6/17: Call the award winning electrician - Steve O'leary

He catches 1 big fish, 15 years ago and still he finds ways to show it off!

Warm Fuzzies

10/6/17: Chuffed to receive all the nice messages our customers have been sending my way recently.

" Also, so very impressed with the service delivered by Adam Tulloch Electrical Ltd. The best firm I have dealt with for many years. Your serviceman WIDZ was really great. Quite a difficult job he tackled with patience and perseverance, very impressed."

Raewyn - 10/6/17

"Please give my thanks to the electrician that fixed the lights and switching on the stairwell yesterday. He did an absolute superb job! If I think how I had to go down the stairs in the morning in the dark! All working now - even the switch at the top of the stairs. Thanks for your prompt response - really appreciated".

Pieter - 8/6/17

"Shinya and his offsider did a great job – and the new lighting looks terrific. Many thanks and kind regards."

Peter - 3/6/17

"Wow! That was quick! I bet when you guys go to bed at night, when you turn the light off, you are in bed asleep before the room is even dark!"

Jeff - 31/5/17

"Thank you for the prompt and efficient service"

Sheryl - 30/5/17

"Thank you for a great job done in our home."

Alison and Tony - 23/5/17

"Thanks. Great job, really good workman please thank for me."

Marie - 20/5/17

"Thank you so much! It's pretty difficult to do on my own when I know nothing about it ... but you have educated me and I now have a piece of mind that is reassured. Cheers mate, You're brilliant :)"

Hayley - 19/5/17

"Just to say thank you very much for the job done this week at Clifford Road re the lights.....FANTASTIC!"

Wendy - 18/5/17

"Your servicemen have just assessed my rangehood, two very polite young men - very impressed. Thank you so much for your efficiency - so much appreciated."

Raewyn - 8/5/17

"Thanks so much for this. The electricians were amazing!"

Simon - 8/5/17

My Maintenance Manager

20/5/17: This morning I found this on My Maintenance Manager a job management system used by several Property Management Companies.

Adam Tulloch Electrical Limited
Ratings and Reviews (48)
⭐ Quality of work...
⭐ Value for money
⭐ Professionalism (on time / cleanliness)
⭐ How likely would you recommend?
⭐ Personal comfort (safety / trust)

These ratings and reviews come from Property Managers, Tenants and Landlords.

The Value for Money was actually 4.5 stars so I am stoked we scored this well on all 48 reviews. This is fantastic recognition for our team of service electricians and appliance techs.

Who Said You Can't See Electricity

7/4/17: Check this video out https://www.facebook.com/Adam-Tulloch-Electrical-952568848120008/

Another Apprentice Trained and Qualified

1/4/17: Congratulations Adam Smith on completing your apprenticeship, gaining your electrical registration and receiving your practising license as an electrician.

You can be very proud of all of your efforts at work, at tech and after hours at home, they have definitely paid off with you completing your apprenticeship in record time.

Already you are capable tradesman with a diverse range of skills, but whether you believe it or not you are going to learn and grow even more over the next 2 years, as we lengthen the rope and you take control of jobs, a van and start organising your own days.

Three New Apprentices for 2017

9/1/17: It's the official 1st day on the job for Oliver, Callum and James who get their start in the industry today.

Well done boys, you wouldn't have gotten a start here with us unless you showed some promise at High School and Weltec. You have all been highly recommended to us by your school teachers, polytech tutors and the tradesmen here at ATEL - congratulations, enjoy your 1st day.

Five simple things for you to remember as you start out:

1. You are no longer at school, you're now in the workforce getting paid, so work

2. Life is not always fair

3. If your tradesman tells you off, don't drop your head and sulk, take it on the chin and learn from it

4. Until you know better, trust your tradesman, ask lots of questions and learn from him

5. Look around you and aspire to be as good as the guy who is directly in front of you, once you reach his level aim for the next guy, then the next and so on

Everyone is looking forward to seeing you all grow.

As the Year Winds Down

20/12/16: Merry Christmas Everyone From All Of Us At Adam Tulloch Electrical Limited


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! We sincerely appreciate all of the work we have done for all of our customers this year. We truly hope that you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by lots and friends and family and we look forward to working with you again next year.

Cheers Adam, Gary and the Team and ATEL

Please note: We have a skeleton crew working through and when our Office is unattended our Office phones divert through to Adam’s mobile so just contact us in your usual way and we will provide you with our usual high standard of service.


7/12/16: Due to increased work loads we are currently seeking the services of a top quality Whiteware Appliance Service Technician to come join our friendly team.

If this is you, or you know of someone suitable for this role then we would really love to hear from them.

To find out more about the role and to apply for the job please go to TradeMe Jobs or click on the link below.



18/11/16: TGI Friday, so glad this working week is nearly over. Earthquakes, tsunami warnings, floods, closed roads, tornado and a hail storm have all made for a tough week at work.

Best of luck to Widz, Adam Smith, Eugene and Aidan with your electrical theory exam's on Saturday.

Remember boys ....... hard work will always pay off and exams are unfair, those who study have an unfair advantage!

Image may contain: outdoor

Shucks .... Thanks for the Mention

The Official Wellington SPCA

16/11/16: She’s big, she’s beautiful and she’s in the Kapiti Coast!!!

Over the last few months, Wellington SPCA with the invaluable support of Adam Tulloch Electrical, have been busy behind the scenes getting the SPCA Desexing Caravan back to pristine condition to continue on her never ending mission to desex all of New Zealand’s pets.

Wellington SPCA in conjunction with the Kapiti Coast Animal Management team is delighted to bring the Desexing Caravan to the Kapiti Coast. Low cost desexing for Community Services Card holders is available from 21st November 2016 in exchange of a donation.

To find out more visit: https://www.wellingtonspca.org.nz/services/desexing-caravan/

To book your animal in, please email your details to:
desexyourpet@wellingtonspca.org.nz, alternatively call or text 021 804 987.

Mighty Mouse Meets His Maker

9/9/16: Luckily the fuse in this house blew before the house caught fire.

Stuck between floors and with no way out this little guy thought he'd eat his way to freedom. After a diet of timber and electrical insulation he nearly squeezed his way through. Only to fail at the last hurdle when his wee tail hit the live conductor and it was lights out ..... for Mighty Mouse and the House.

A shocking way to go! ....... R.I.P Mighty Mouse

Thanks Spark

27/8/16: Adam took one for the team and got to watch the All Blacks vs Australia 2nd rugby test at Westpac Stadium from the comfort of the Spark Corporate Box.

Wow, not much of a game really with Wade Cooper looking like a possum in the headlights and with the Wallabies sadly bringing nothing but niggle. It was formality for the All Blacks to win this match which they did with composure.

Thanks Spark your hospitality, food and beersies were absolutely on point!

Congratulations Nadine

15/8/16: We are Proud to report that our own Nadine Henderson has won the Bikini Section of the 2016 Wellington Body Building Competition on the weekend. What a fantastic achievement for Nadine, providing recognition of the hours and hours of hard work and discipline both in the gym and with her diet.

We had thought that she might celebrate with McDonalds and a alcohol binge but not this time .... as Nadine is focussed on the Nationals in a few months.


14/8/16: A figure that doesn't mean anything to anyone but means a lot to me.

65,000 jobs completed has been on my radar since the beginning of the financial year when we were sitting on just over 62,000.

Proudly I can say that for every single one of those 65,000 jobs my team and I have given our pound of flesh and tried our best to always deliver an honest, reliable, courteous service at a fair price.

However, without our most loyal customers we would not have achieved this - so to all of you - we say thank you, we appreciate that you have a choice and we are absolutely stoked that you choose to continue to support us.

All Blacks v Wales

18/6/16: Thanks to Philip Egley and JA Russell's we were all lucky enough to attend the All Blacks v Wales test match at Westpac Stadium. What a fantastic afternoon / evening it was with our curtain raiser held at The Waterloo from 4pm where after a few beersies everyone pledged $10.00 and picked their 1st try scorer.

Of course with his superior knowledge of all things rugby our captain Adam Tulloch picked Israel Dagg to score 1st. His winning celebration was shorted lived though when Susan announced "oh its ok everyone, it's only Adam, there's no need to pay up" .

The atmosphere at the Cake Tin was absolutely awesome, with fine mild weather, a fantastic fireworks display and everyone in high spirits.

From a halftime score of 10 all the All Blacks went on to overwhelm Wales by 36-22. The game never seriously in doubt as Wales scored 2 quick tries in the last 8 minutes.

For some of us the night was made even more special because we shared a row (and a few hugs) with All Black legend Frank Bunce.

But no one was more pleased than our own Adam Smith who got to celebrate the win with former Rongotai College 1st 15 team mate Ardie Savea. Who scored a fantastic open side's try in front of his home crowd and in only his 2nd game for the AB's.

Cake Tin Adam and Ardie

Aroha and Frank Ray Suzanne and Irene

$18,000.00+ Raised For Child Cancer

30/5/16: WOW, what a great effort Professional, Redcoats Limited and Oxygen for raising more than $18,000.00 for Child Cancer Foundation what an truly awesome effort. We are so proud that we could support such a worthy cause.

Child Cancer Foundation

25/5/16: This year Professionals, Redcoats Limited are hosting a breakfast auction to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation. As Professional’s sister company, Oxygen also supports this worthy cause. We would like to invite you to help support this wonderful organisation by donating an item to our auction line-up and / or purchasing a table or ticket to the breakfast? See below for more information.

Unfortunately due to our workload we wont make this fantastic Breakfast Auction event on Wednesday 25 May but we have pledged to donate $250.00 to the cause.

Winners are Grinners

21/5/16: Proud to announce that we won the Tradie Business of the Year Award at the Jackson Enterprises Southern Tararua Business Awards held in Pahiatua on Saturday night.

This is an awesome achievement for my mate Steve O'Leary and is formal recognition that he does a great job and is well respected by our customers and his peers.

We reckon with this award and over 10 years of servicing the Tararua Region, Steve could just about call himself a local!

2016 _ Winner

Shin makes his return

9/5/16: Sporting strapping on his cut hand Shinya has made a successful return to work. The operation to repair nerve damage in his hand has only been partially successful.

Apparently Shinya has absolutely no feeling in the pinky on his let hand. This could be a pretty cool party trick, the boys are more than keen to test his pinky feelings with fire, pliers and a nail gun or perhaps we could just ask Shinya to use his pinky to find out what's live and what's not!

Aidan's back

2/5/16: Yay Aidan is finally back at work. Wisely he has given Adam a wide berth, keeping his head down and trying hard not to catch Adam's eye.

You have some making up to do buddy, get on with it and make sure you don't miss any more days, we cannot train you, if you are not here to work! Red carpet awards time in Southern Tararua

28/4/16: We are very proud to have been nominated and to hear today that we are finalists in the Jackson Enterprises Southern Tararua Business Awards.

Wonderful recognition for Steve O'Leary and the good work he does in Pahiatua, Woodville, Eketahuna and the surrounding district of Tararua.

Excited and looking forward to celebrating with Steve at the black tie dinner awards on Saturday 21st May.

Shinya pulls a Lee

6/4/16: Less than 48 hours after the new 2015 Safety At Work Act came into effect on 4/4/16 Shinya cuts through his hand with a stanley knife. Whoops better be sure to fill in a near miss or in this case an accident report and we also need to investigate why it happened and how we will prevent it from happening again.

In the meantime after being referred to Hutt Hospital by A+E at Wellington Hospital Shinya has spent all day waiting to be stitched back up only to find out at 8pm that he can go home and come back tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes and the surgeons at Hutt Hospital reattach cut nerves and stitch Shinya's hand back up.

Shinya has been cut from the team and given 1 month off work to recuperate.

Oh no Aidan not again

28/3/15: Got a phone call this morning from Aidan, he has broken his talus which is a bone in his foot. How did this happen .... Moto X of course.

So Aidan's back on ACC and we are down an apprentice.

It's a worrying trend this is the 3rd serious / off work accident (wrist, knee and ankle) Aidan has had in less than 12 months.

Hmmm this is a worrying trend and its time Aidan decides whether he is able to make a living by riding Moto X. To put simply he is no good to us if we cant train him because he doesn't make to work.

Gold card for John

15/1/16: Today we farewelled John who at the age of 64 has decided appliance servicing is young mans game. John hasn't retired quite yet as his wife Jenny still has 2 years before she gets her gold card. So John has cut his hours back to 3 days a week / semi retirement and based in a workshop in Porirua repairing mobility scooters.

Thanks John for all of your work, for passing on your knowledge and for the training and care you have given to our apprentices. We appreciate your efforts very much and will miss not having you around.

Enjoy your retirement, if anyone has earned a gold card, it is you.

Bye Bye Jess - Bon Voyage

22/12/15: Tonight we got together as a team to celebrate Jess' final day. Jess heads to London after Christmas to start out on her big OE with long time partner Jack. Good luck you two, we hope everything works out.

Christmas at the Beach

5/12/15: To celebrate the end of another successful year and the beginning of the holiday season we rented 6 holiday homes at beautiful Waitarere Beach for the weekend. All our of team, their partners and their children arrived on Friday night and settled into their accommodation. On Saturday we celebrated with a magnificent lunch consisting of a cooked ham, 1/2 dozen roast chickens, seafood and vegetables complete with all the trimmings and finished this off with a large selection of stunning desserts. The day was rounded off by a night of partying and karaoke, with John a crooner from way back leading the way.

Levi gets a start

4/12/15: Congratulations Levi you're in. After joining us last year for 3 weeks as part of the Onslow College Gateway Trades Programme we encouraged Levi to attend a year long pre-trade course at Whitireia. Throughout this year Levi has been studying electrical engineering at Whitireia and coming in to work with us on Fridays. This has given Levi valuable learning experiences as an apprentice but has also served us as we have been able to watch him mature to see if he has the perseverance and fortitude to make it as a top drawer electrician.

We don't aim to produce great electricians at Adam Tulloch Electrical we aim to produce the best. However you can not produce the best electrician's unless our apprentices buy into their training - and it certainly appears that Levi has!

Welcome Nadine

16/11/15: Jess announced recently that she is off on her OE after Christmas so we have advertised and been lucky enough to secure the services of Nadine.

Nadine hails from Rotorua and moved to Wellington to study Media and Design at Victoria University. Nadine is 2/3rds of the way through her degree and has decided to take a breather, earn some money, pay back her student debt. Fortunately she is able to finish her degree extramurally. We are really rapt to have her on board and have plenty of exciting design work lined up for her.

In her spare time Nadine enjoys working out at the gym and she competes in body building.

Let Us Find The Bugs In Your Wiring

16/9/15: Just like your cat will proudly turn up with a dead bird he's caught or a mouse he's playing with and beg for praise, our sparkies are exactly the same.

They love nothing more than showing the boss what they've found. Luckily though, just like your cat, we just pat them on the head, tell them what a good job they've done and send them straight back out to work!

We are convinced that in their past life they were both electricians and besties for life. In fact they both loved being sparkies so much that they decided that their final resting place this time around would be a light switch and a battenholder from the same room of a house in Island Bay.

Centipede Gecko

60,000 Jobs

8/8/15: Another milestone knocked off, with 60,000 jobs completed!

Thanks again to our loyal customers, we would not achieve numbers like these without you, we appreciate that you have a choice and we are absolutely stoked that you choose to continue to support us.

Shinya Has Finally Come Out

3/8/15: Congratulations Shinya on completing your apprenticeship, gaining your electrical registration and receiving your practising license as an electrician.

Well done mate, your hard work and dedication have paid off.

All the tradesman at ATEL can be also feel very proud of how you have turned out, they have taught you well. You are a very capable tradesman with a diverse range of skills.

Cant wait for your coming out shout mate!

Well Done Blake

27/7/15: I found out this morning from Ross Dixon (Blake's Weltech tutor) that Blake blitz his Reg's exam - 75%.

Well done Blake, good to get that one out of the way.

30/7/15: Update - Blake has taken us up on our double or quits offer. Whereby there is $250.00 on offer if you pass Reg's or $500.00 on offer if you pass Reg's and Theory in the same year - conditions apply.

All winnings must be spent towards the cost of an electrical testing meter.

10/1/16: Update - Blake aced his final exam and was presented with a cheque for $500.00 to spend on test equipment. Good on ya mate!

Ten Pin Bowling With Phil and Trevor From Stewarts

24/7/15: Thanks Phil and Trevor for another great night out, it's always a good time at The Lanes and we all had a ball - thanks.

Ryder's Teddy Needs His Mate

5/7/15: This little bear has been hanging around our Office, waiting for Matthew to call in and pick him up. Ted's super excited and cannot wait to meet Ryder - his new BFF!

Ryders Teddy

Check Out Our New ATEL Bar

29/6/15: Finally we took possession of our very own Adam Tulloch Electrical bar today - thanks Black Dog Furniture - she's an absolute beauty.

All the boys are all pretty excited about christening her next Saturday night when the Hurricanes play in the final of the Super 15. Go the Hurricanes!

Bar and Stools

Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Life Flight Trust

6/5/15: When Louise Lee our local Johnsonville Westpac Branch Manager rung to ask us to support our local Chopper by attending a fund raising quiz night in Khandallah on Sunday we tried our best to rally the troops, but prior commitments sadly mean that we will miss this fantastic fun filled night. Too bad for us, however without any hesitation Adam wrote out a donation cheque of $200.00 for Susan to drop off to Louise.

Its one of those things, you just never know when or where you might be need the help of our local Chopper - hopefully never.

Anyway, good on you Louise and Westpac for your support of our local Chopper and the Life Flight Trust - they do an incredible job - they are lifesavers!

NZ Breast Cancer Foundation

28/5/15: Marilynn McLaughlan our favourite Leaders Real Estate Agent and long time customer is hosting a fund raising event for NZ Breast Cancer Foundation down at the ever popular Villa Café in Ngaio. Unfortunately with our increased work load we can't make this wonderful event but we still managed to write out a donation cheque for $200.00 in sponsorship.

Again we are proud to support such a wonderful charity and a wonderful selfless woman like Marilynn - good on you Marilynn we really like your work!

It's A Boy

23/5/15: Breaking News - Matthew Van Tongeren is a Daddy.

Collectively, we all asked "how on earth did that happen" well there's this Man and he meets this Woman and ... That question was quickly followed byanother "jeepers, Matty kept that quiet, who knew" - he sure did, even I only found out about this news at Mary and Shaunelle's farewell and only because Matthew had a couple under his belt at that stage. Anyhow Melonie must have been 38 weeks preggers because 2 weeks later and Matt's ringing us to announce that he's a father to a bubbly little boy.

Mum and bub are doing well and Dad is over the moon!

Congratulations and well done mate. We are all keen to meet the latest member of our extended whanau.

24/5/15: Our little man has a name - Ryder.

Baby Boy Inside Ryders Card

Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ

23/5/15: We are super proud to have donated $100.00 in sponsorship to support Adam's niece Ashlee Tulloch of 3 News fame who conquered the 2015 Fire Fighter Sky Tower Stair Challenge. Well done Ashlee it takes a person with huge heart to climb all those steps wearing full fire fighter kit including breathing apparatus and an even bigger heart to recover quickly enough to turn out in full glam and MC the celebratory Dinner that follows.

Good on you Ashlee you're a star, clearly this charity means a lot to you having turned out 2 years in a row.

Awesome charity event and an awesome lady!

Ashlee Tulloch Fire Fighter Ashlee Tulloch Sky Dinner

Sparky School

20/5/15: Its already been a pretty hectic couple of weeks but tonight we all attended "Sparky School".

A 2 yearly Electrical Safety Competency Refresher course for Electricians, EST, EAS, Engineers, Apprentices where we hear from our favourite tutor Kerry Harris of Training Corp all about the latest changes to the Electrical Wiring Regulations and Standards. Kerry also checks out our Testing Techniques for Installations and Appliances. Followed by some raw video footage of accidents on site to help drill home the absolute importance of Safe Working Practices which leads us into Basic 1st Aid and CPR refreshers.

Kerry is an excellent presenter with ample experience in the electrical industry. His wealth of knowledge and understanding of New Zealand's Electrical Regulations and Standards is incredible, by the end of the evening we are all pretty rapt with his delivery of what looms as a tedious inconvenience at the end of a busy working day. The boys are all very happy knowing that this is over for another 2 years and we all walk away with our Safer Site Passports confidently knowing that we have reached the high NZ Standard required to renew our Practising Licenses for another 2 years.

Thanks Kerry - see you again in 2 years time!

Mud, Mud and More Mud

Saturday 16/5 and Sunday 17/5/15: The boys all met out at our Warehouse bright and early on Saturday morning to shift mud from outside our Workshop so that on Sunday we could all return and shift even more mud from inside our Workshop. We've had better jobs but as a team we got it done - eventually - thanks guys - team bonding at it's best - you have no idea how much I appreciate your efforts.

Torrential Rain Floods The Whole Wellington Region

13/5/15: Talk about throwing our new girls in the deep end, 3rd day on the job and they're dealing with flood jobs from all over the Greater Wellington region. WOW girls if you can handle this event you can handle anything!

Actually our own Warehouse in Petone got flooded, we've had 400mm of floodwaters go through the place leaving 6 inches of chocolate coloured mud - what a clean up job.

With the roads closed we had no way of getting out there to determine the extent of the damage. All we could do was cross our fingers and hope for the best. But following this deluge on stuff.co.nz revealed the extent of the flooding on the Petone motorway and to our neighbours Ullrich Aluminium and Contherm - and it looks bad!

Master Electricians Audit

12/5/15: Another 3 years have passed in the blink of an eye and we are due another visit from the Auditors at ECANZ to ensure that we're still up to scratch, that we're as good as we claim we are and that we are able to carry the mantle of Master Electricians.

In order to pass this stringent audit process we were required to provide factual evidence of our Electrician's registration and current practising licenses, verification of our testing equipment and testing regime, compliance recording, business, vehicle and public liability insurance, occupational, safety and health practises, training regime and demonstrate sound business technique.

That’s quite a few hoops to jump through but OF COURSE WE PASSED – in fact the ECANZ auditor reckons we have some pretty fancy pants systems in place!

Looks like ECANZ have a new fancy pants logo, they're trying to align our industry organisation with the builders - Master Builders - makes sense I suppose.

Welcome Aboard Jessica and Tiana

11/5/15: From our Office Junior Advertisement on Trade Me we had more than 4000 hits and over 400 applicants in 2 weeks - quite amazing. We were blown away with calibre of applications we received from candidates which was incredibly high.

So we welcome aboard Jessica our new Office Junior who is a competitive Surf Lifesaver at Titahi Bay Surf Life Saving and has studied towards a Psychology Degree at Victoria University. Always good to have a fit surf life saver around the Office for life threatening emergencies like when Susan forgets to buy the milk on her way back from the school run. It will be interesting to ask Jess in a few weeks - what do you make of Adam - is he all there!

And we welcome Tiana a recent University Graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Information Systems and Management who has been employed in our Job Coordinator role. We cant wait for Tiana to settle into her new role and we hope to put her B Commerce skills to good use, critiquing our systems and Adam's management.

Farewell Mary - Bon Voyage Shaunelle

8/5/15: Sadly we said goodbye to our Office Superhero's, Mary and Shaunelle with a huge night down at Jono's, The 1841 in Johnsonville. What a great way to say goodbye to our favourite ladies! Rumour has it Adam took 2 whole days to recover!

Mary decided a while back that she wants back on the tools and coming from a Commercial background she simply (and sadly) did not fit with our more Residential electrical team, so she has moved on to AMC. Good luck Marz and all the best.

Shaunelle and her partner Dave "the builder" have skipped the country on their big OE, starting off with a quick sun tan break in Tahiti, before heading to the Los Vegas for some fun and then on to England. Good luck you two and remember to take good care of our girl Dave.

Office Junior Role

11/4/15: We placed a job advertisement on Trade Me looking for a new Office Junior Administration Assistant and within 2 days the ad has had more than 1400 views and we have received in excess of 100 applicants already.

Its all a bit overwhelming, but we are rapt with the level of applicants coming through.

Hopefully we will find someone with a bubbly, fun personality who wants to become treasured part of ATEL family.

Wade Starts Monday

10/4/15: Wade knocked on our door on at 4pm on Friday afternoon looking for a job, by 5:30pm I was ringing him back offering him a position!

Wade had been down to the local wholesalers that afternoon and had asked if any good electrical firms were looking for sparky's. Thankfully Wayne at Stewarts recognised Wade from working with him before and suggested that he ring us - thanks Wayne, there's a tray of beersies coming your way, consider it a recruitment fee!

Wade comes to us with 7 years post registration experience having served his time in Auckland before working in Wellington for 4 years and Christchurch for the past 2 years.

From the minute we met Wade it was obvious that he's a good bugger (he's a dead ringer for Pete and Andy from The Block) and a good fit for our team. We are all looking forward to working with and getting to know Wade and no doubt he is looking forward to meeting and working alongside all of the award winning builders that we work for. We'll all need to head down to Jono's at the 1841 in Johnsonville this Friday so that Pete or Andy can meet the rest of the team.

Welcome Back Aidan

7/4/15: Welcome back buddy, we almost didn't recognise you when you walked through the door - its been so long.

Wow, from initially being told by his Doctor and ACC that Aidan didn't need physiotherapy and that he would be returning on 24th February. Then having to fight with ACC to get him the physiotherapy he needed, they then decided to kept him away from work for another 6 weeks with regular physiotherapy. All good from our perspective, he needs to be fit for service and we didn't want to break him.

Gee whiz, 14 weeks off work must have felt like a life time.

Want Free Power For A Whole Year?

1/3/15: Then purchase a new Fujitsu Heat Pump from us between March and 31st August 2015 and be in the monthly draw to win the cost of a whole year's power bills - up to the value of $4,000.00.

Terms and conditions apply, to find out more ring us and book in a no obligation free quote to have a Fujitsu heat pump installed at your place.

Jebus Lee - What The ...... ?

2/2/15: Sadly we got a phone call from Lee's Mum on Saturday morning.

"Lee's had an accident, he chopped off the fingers and thumb of his left hand on Friday afternoon with a skilsaw, while working on the house, while he was away on holiday".

Lee had a operation on Friday night to reattach his fingers and another one this morning to work on tendons etc.

Poor old Lee has a long, long road ahead of him to recovery, 6 weeks in plaster, then another operation to attach a toe to his hand, followed by 6 more weeks in plaster, then rehab to get everything working.

He is at Hutt Hospital which is renown for these types of operations so we know Lee's in good hands. It's a hard road ahead of Lee but his workmates know that if anyone can cope with this set back it's Lee - with his chirpy spirit we are all certain he'll get there - good luck mate, we're thinking of you - you can do it!

Yet Another Tough Job

28/1/15: The Kings of 2 Storey Rewires Strike Again.

Rob and his crew have just finished rewiring yet another massive 2 storey House, this time an architecturally designed house on The Terrace.

The challenge with this 2 storey house was not damaging the native timber floors and exposed timber beams.

This house was in exceptional condition, with all of the native floor boards, exposed beams, timber stairs, hallway panelling and ballastrade freshly varnished.

To make things even tougher our homeowner / landlord also wanted data sockets installed in every room plus security alarm system as well.

Again the original wiring was in a shocking state and ripe to catch fire at any moment.

With a estimated budget of $15,000 to $20,000 to work with (for the electrics alone) Rob and his team did exceptionally well to complete this job under budget and on time. Including the data and security wiring which was not part of our original estimated budget.

Well done boys, yet another tough job done and yet another happy landlord and tenant!

There's another one waiting for you next month.

Congratulations Shinya and Brooke Manabe

25/1/15: Sorry ladies but Shinya Manabe officially tied the knot today declaring his love for Brooke, his lifelong sweetheart and announcing that he is no longer eligible.

At an intimate ceremony held in Carterton, in front of their very closest friends and family Shinya and Brooke confirmed their love and commitment for each other by exchanging vows and wedding bands. What a fantastic occasion this was one of the nicest, simplest most enjoyable weddings I have been to.

Brooke and Shinya first met at Kindergarten - well nearly, actually they met when they were both 13 years old. From different Colleges but sharing the same bus to Churton Park it wasn't long before these two formed a friendship that has lasted nearly 20 years. And finally Brooke's dream of marrying a Qualified Electrician has come true. You can't really blame her - after all we are a good looking, intelligent bunch who know how to put a spark in peoples life's and we also always have the right tool for the job!

How long before we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Tough Break Aidan - Boys will be Boy

24/2/15: Met today with Aidan's ACC case manager and pleaded with them to give Aidan physiotherapy before he returns to work. Aidan is just a boy and has a lifetime of work ahead of him and its super important he doesn't return too early. Thankfully they seen some sense and will book him in to be assessed for the strength in his wrist.

2/2/15: Update - ACC advise Aidan's plaster comes off 23 February, Doctor and ACC think he'll be right for work 24 February - Yeah Right!

7/1/15: Young Aidan broke his wrist last night when he fell off his Motor X bike.

Seems Aidan wont be part of Nitro Circus when they tour Wellington later on this month.

Merry Christmas Everyone From All Of Us At Adam Tulloch Electrical Limited


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! We sincerely appreciate all of the work we have done for all of our customers this year. We truly hope that you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by lots and friends and family and we look forward to working with you again next year.

Cheers Adam, Gary and the Team and ATEL

Please note: We have a skeleton crew working through and when our Office is unattended our Office phones divert through to Adam’s mobile so just contact us in your usual way and we will provide you with our usual high standard of service.

Another Tough Job

20/12/14: Rob and his crew have just finished rewiring another massive 3 storey House, this time in Rodrigo Road, Kilbirnie.

3 storey rewires are even more challenging than 2 storey ones, but this one was another level again.

The house has had little to no maintenance done on it since it was 1st built in the early 1900's, except of course the kerosene lights had been converted to gas and then to electric.

We opened the switchboard and it was full of rat droppings and the remains of several dead rats. Behind the switchboard and light fittings the insulation on the cables just fell off.

The existing wiring was so bad that we decided the house was too dangerous to liven without rewiring so we installed a separate builders temporary power supply in order for us to have power on site so we could rewire the house.

The thankful new homeowners could not believe how Rob and his team worked their magic and caused little to no damage to any of the native timbers inside.

Great work Rob, Eugene and Co.

Leasuasu Pulls Eugene from Santa Run

4/12/14: In a shock move Santa trainer Ray Leasuasu has pulled Eugene from the Santa Race this Saturday. Sources close to the trainer say Leasuasu held a secret preliminary run last night and Leasuasu was not happy when his charge pulled up lame as new boy Adam Smith (aka Little Big Rob) flew past him with more than 40m left to run. It turns out that Smith has some serious wheels.

"Its a tough blow for Eugene but he only has himself to blame, he knows that and now he knows how much this free bar tab means to the boys".Leasuasu said.

Smith will run under the pseudonym "Free Beersies For Us"

Leasuasu went on to say "I'm expecting a big race from the kid this weekend, he's super quick out of the barriers, we'll have him wearing Barneys shock collar so we'll whip him hard to ensure he's first past the post".

As a unknown, Smith is paying long odds at the TAB, so folks if you want a sure bet on Saturday, you wont go wrong dropping $50 on Free Beersies For Us in Race 4.

Xmas At The Races

1/12/14: Bugger - we've just checked the long range weather forecast for Wellington this weekend and its not looking too flash.

The boys have pulled out their No 1's and sun hats from storage and all the girls have no doubt bought new summer dresses and fascinators for our big Christmas Do at Trentham this weekend.

All we need now is for the weather gods to smile on us and deliver another perla sunny Wellington day.

Nothing tops champers, cold beersies, good company and having a flutter on a good day in Wellington!

Keep an eye out for Eugene in the Santa run after Race 3 - come on Eugene, run Eugene run, you can do it waterboy.

2015 Workplace Health and Safety Legislation

9/10/14: There is a lot of talk amongst Tradies regarding the April 2015 planned roll out of the latest Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation.

In the wake of the Pike River Tragedy the Government is serious about improving New Zealand's poor work accident record.

It is widely believed that these changes will be mostly directed at SME's in an effort to get staff and management actively engaged in WHS.

Most Tradies scream "more legislation, more cost, what more can we do", some fear these changes.

However, we believe Government can’t reinvent the wheel so we shouldn’t be worried about these changes. Adam Tulloch Electrical Limited already have robust Health and Safety at Work systems in place. And we also already engage everyone in WHS.

Essentially because we have been so proactive with WHS we should be OK and will most likely only need to tweak our systems – not start again.

55000 Jobs

4/9/14: I am pleased to announce that we have finally knocked off 55,000 jobs.

While it doesn't mean a whole lot to anyone else, for me personally, being driven by numbers, its quite an achievement. 55,000 jobs has been on my radar since the beginning of the year when we were sitting on just over 51,000.

Proudly I can say that for every single one of those 55,000 jobs my team and I have given our pound of flesh and tried our best to always deliver an honest, reliable, courteous service at a fair price.

However, without our most loyal customers we would not have achieved this - so to all of you - we say thank you, we appreciate that you have a choice and we are absolutely stoked that you choose to continue to support us.

BNI 10 Minute Presentation

21/8/14: Yesterday morning for his 10 minute talk Adam spoke about some of the more interesting characters he has encountered during his career as an electrician.

Adam sure has worked for and worked alongside some truly unusual people over the years.

Having maintained Housing New Zealand and WCC Housing rental properties and wired houses for the rich and famous we have encountered all sorts of personalities. In fact Wellington is full of personalities from gentle little old ladies to politicians to sports stars to actors and even the odd rogue and convicted murderer.

One of Adam's fondest memories is having done odd jobs for Mrs Withers in her Council Flat - she was the elderly Mother of Pick Withers, the drummer for Dire Straits, one of his biggest regrets is missing an invitation to meet Mark Knopfler when he visited her at her home in Miramar.

Monthly OSH and General Business Meeting

9/8/14: Last night after work was our Monthly OSH and General Business Meeting.

These meetings follow a reasonably consistent format and provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute and speak openly about our work processes and how they can be improved to deliver a better service.

The meetings typically run for about 2 hours and are difficult to conduct without having fed the troops first, so before we start, we eat. This month we called on Nada Bakery to supply our catering, the food from Nada is as always delicious, its wholesome, healthy and real value for money. Well done Nada what an awesome product you produce.

Next on our agenda is general business where we provide feedback from within the Office and from our customers, then we discuss our processes, what we do well and where we can improve, new ideas are floated and discussed at length, then we shift to staff training, up skilling and apprentice training, rounding out with a social club report for upcoming events.

Our meetings finish up with OSH compliance where again we focus on our processes, near misses, what we do well and where we can improve, new ideas are floated and training is provided or arranged.

Each month Tim our OSH Officer presents Timmy's Toolbox Talk Time. The hot topic this month was harness safety. Tim's mannequin was Aiden and we were all reminded of why and when to wear a harness, how to wear a harness correctly, where and how to tie off a fall arrest strap, how to use a pole strap and the importance of having a workable rescue plan if something happens.

Tim does a great job of engaging everyone in Health and Safety, making everyone contribute through lively and fun debates and some serious question and answer time.

Good Luck Shaunelle

1/8/14: We sure hope this wintry weather improves for Shaunelle who is off to the beautiful Marlborough Sounds for some RnR Outward Bound styles!

3 weeks in the wilderness to contemplate the meaning of life, to test one's resolve and mental toughness, in what would have to be considered fairly extreme conditions.

WOW we are all already proud of you Shaunelle, but if you pull this off then we will be truly in awe of your awesomeness!

One things for sure you wont need that sunblock you packed into your survival kit.

Thanks Salve and Janice

31/7/14: We had farewell drinks tonight with the crew from Hands On.

Sadly for us Salve and Janice have sold up their property management business and are moving on to new things. 15 years in property management (which can be very demanding at times) is a pretty good stint. We have enjoyed every minute of those 15 years working with this family run business and we sure will miss their wonderful support.

Congratulations for selling your business and good luck with your future ventures. I am sure that whatever you turn your hand to will be a huge success. There is no alternative to hard work and neither of you are shy of working hard!

One Tough Job

28/7/14: Rob and his crew have just finished rewiring a massive 2 storey House in Hatton Street, Karori.

2 storey rewires are always challenging, but this one was perhaps the toughest we've seen.

Apparently the House was leased to an Embassy at some point since it was built in 1908, and under Embassy law our NZ Wiring Regulations and Standards don't seem to apply.

Some clever sparky got out of his depth and instead of rewiring he began joining all the old rubber wires with new TPS cables neatly hiding his dodgy joins inside the walls - no connectors, no junction boxes, no crimps - just twisted wires. In addition to this there was a huge rats nest between the floors of the house and the rats had chewed their way through the insulation of the cables.

Luckily for the tenants, we got onto this before the house caught fire, a house this big and old with beautiful native timber this dry and wiring in this poor a condition is like a tinder box.

What An Awesome Night

5/7/14: We all had an absolute blast last night at The Lanes - what an awesome way to celebrate our mate Matty May's last day and to welcome the new boys.

And how proud was I when I walked into the toilets at the end of the night to find Matt May and Matt VT saying their farewells. Matty May was so upset and sad to be leaving that he was standing in a huge puddle of tears.

I must admit that at first I had thought perhaps he was giving "bubbling" a crack!

Anyway, it is amazing to know that we mean so much to our mate because we will certainly miss him and his cheeky grin.

Mind Blowing

1/7/14: Darryn and Tim have just successfully completed a Concept Security Alarm installers course which Darryn described as incredibly mind boggling. This was an intense 4 day course running from 9am - 5:30pm with homework to be completed each night. Darryn says at one stage he thought his head might explode there was just so much information to process.

However, both Darryn and Tim found this course extremely worthwhile and as a company we can now proudly support and offer Concept Security Systems to our commercial customers.

Welcome Callum and Lee - the latest additions to the ATEL Family

Lee and Callum

30/6/14: We are all absolutely wrapt to welcome Callum into the fold, who joins our Jobbing Team.

Callum, a registered electrician who started his career as a 16 year old straight out of school, now just 25 years old, he has already had 9 years experience in the industry. He is a young and proud father and a keen footballer.

Callum is looking forward to meeting and working alongside all of the award winning builders that we work for.

We are also wrapt to welcome aboard Lee aboard, who joins our Appliance Service team.

Lee is a registered electrician and an appliance serviceman who comes to us with many years of experience having worked for Total Appliance Care on a variety of whiteware appliances, including Fisher and Paykel, Westinghouse and Samsung. Lee enjoys the challenge of archery and golf in his spare time.

Lee is looking forward to working alongside Darryn, John, Matt and Rawiri our other appliance service technicians.

10 Pin Bowling at The Lanes

22/6/14: To celebrate Matt (and Leana's) last day and to welcome Rawiri, Callum and Lee to Team Tulloch we are having a big night out at The Lanes on Friday the 4th of July. What better way to say farewell to Matt, a very well liked teammate and to get to know our three new mates.

And of course we can also celebrate American Independence Day by doing something quintessentially American.

Farewell Matty May and Leana

20/6/14: Sadly we are losing Matt May, his long term partner Leana is missing her family who live in Tauranga. So they have decided to shift away from our beautiful city and go live in the Bay of Plenty.

We wish Matt and Leana all the best with their futures and trust that they will stay in touch and call in whenever they return to Wellington.

Welcome to Rawiri - our newest appliance technician

2/6/14: We are all wrapt to welcome aboard Rawiri, who joins our Appliance Service team.

Rawiri is a registered appliance service technician who comes to us with many years of experience having worked for Fisher and Paykel Appliance Care on Fisher and Paykel appliances. Having recently celebrated the birth of his 1st born, Rawiri is keen to further his career by becoming a registered electrician.

He is looking forward to working alongside Darryn, John and Matt our other appliance technicians and learning the new skills he will acquire over the next 3 years to become a registered electrician.

Widz, nau mai, haere mai ki a koe, ehoa.

Congratulations Robbie and Shinya

20/5/14: Shinya and Rob have recently gained their refridgeration gas handlers license and are our latest Fujitsu approved heat pump installers.

As Fujitsu Accredited Installers we can offer you Fujitsu Generals 6 Year Comfort+ Warranty on parts and labour for all of our heat pump installations.

Bye Bye Jess

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