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When you get any electrical work done by us and it is a bit more than just changing a light bulb we will supply you with a Certificate of Compliance or an Electrical Safety Certificate, depending upon the nature of the work that we have done.

What's the difference?

Certificate of Compliance

If the work involves any additional new wiring work then we will supply a Certificate of Compliance. The emphasis here is on additional new wiring i.e. if we install a new hotpoint or light fitting and it requires new wiring for this to happen then we need to supply you with a Certificate of Compliance.

However ....

Electrical Safety Certificate

If the work is just maintenance or like for like replacement of fixtures, fittings or accessories then we are not required to issue a Certificate of Compliance we are just required to issue an Electrical Safety Certificate. The emphasis here is on maintenance or like for like replacement i.e. if we replace a faulty hotpoint, light fitting or part to an appliance then we must issue an Electrical Safety Certificate.

I am satisfied that the work detailed in this Electrical Safety Certificate and the installation, or part of the installation, to which it relates is connected to a power supply and is safe to use.

Name: Adam Tulloch | Signature: A Tulloch | Registration No: E123456

An Electrical Safety Certificate must be accompanied by this ESC Symbol. It is a legally recognisable statement from the Registered Electrical Worker who has worked on your property stating that the connected installation or part installation, or any fitting that supplies an installation or a part of an installation, is safe to use following prescribed electrical work.

This certificate also confirms that the electrical work complies with the building code for the purposes of Section 19(1)(e) of the Building Act.

An Electrical Safety Certificate is an important document and should be retained for a minimum of 7 years.

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